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  The Geology of New Hampshire's White Mountains

Take a journey though ancient continental collisions, the Ice Age, and the first human settlement of the White Mountains. See how geologic events and forces created the landscape of the Granite State’s highest peaks and explore Earth history in northern New Hampshire with the scientists who helped unravel it.

“What better way to explore the iconic landscape of the White Mountains of New Hampshire than with this team of experienced geologists. This visually stunning book makes the science behind the scenery accessible to Granite State visitors and residents alike.” —Rick Chormann, State Geologist and Director New Hampshire Geological Survey.  

Suggested Retail: $35.00

Surficial Geology of Mt. Washington & the President Range by Brian K. Fowler.

The map is the first of its kind for the Presidential Range and is a compilation of 45 years of field work by its author, independently over the years and most recently in cooperation with the US and NH Geological Surveys under their Cooperative STATEMAP program. This map is suitable for use by anyone. The map depicts and interprets the geological deposits and features that overly the bedrock beneath the Presidential Range. The author is a consulting geologist with many years of hiking and working in the White Mountains, including many years as a Trustee and President of the Mount Washington Observatory.

Available in two formats, both 36” x 36”:

  • Available on water and tear resistant synthetic material - Item #8324SYN $20.00
  • Available on heavy stock paper that may be more suitable for office research, archival, and mounting purposes.- Item #8324PAP $20.00

Either format shipped in a re-closable plastic bag.

The Presidential Range  The Presidential Range — Its Geologic History and Plate Tectonics
The complete hiker’s guide and map to the bedrock geology of the Presidential Range, New Hampshire —

This guide and its accompanying geologic map describe the bedrock geology and plate tectonic history of the Presidential Range, the highest peaks in the northeastern United States. The color illustrations and writing style make this accessible to all enthusiasts of the mountains. The map (21.5 x 28) shows the bedrock geology and highlights locations where hikers may view key exposures of bedrock in the field.

A welcome contribution to the geologic history of the White Mountains from the very beginning! And the map…… just magnificent. — Wally Bothner, Professor Emeritus of Geology, University of New Hampshire.

Through lucid prose, an exceptionally clear map, and beautifully illustrated figures, the geologic history of the Presidential Range is easily understood. After reading the book, folks driving through or hiking in this region will find as much enjoyment in looking down at the rocks as out at the views. — Dick Birnie, Professor Emeritus of Earth Sciences, Dartmouth College.

Eusden’s book provides detail, yet understandable descriptions and insight into the complex geology of one of New Hampshire’s most notable land marks, Mt. Washington, and companion montains in the Presidential Range. — David Wunsch, State Geologist, New Hampshire Geological Survey

ISBN 978-0-9708324-6-7 Suggested Retail: $30.00 (includes map)
The Family Letters: A Portrait of an American Family Through Letters from the 18th and 20th Century
Edited by John T. B. Mudge

The Family Letters is a collection of letters from the late 18th century, through the 19th century, and into the early 20th century that tells the story of six generations of one family. The book includes letters from the Virginia side of the family— letters from John Cropper of Accomac and his descendants, most notably Cropper’s grandson, Henry A. Wise, Congressman, Governor, and General, and his children. The book includes the letters and diaries from the New York side of the family— the Whitesides, McKies, and Thayers of Cambridge and Troy, New York. The book includes letters from Valley Forge, the American Civil War, and the Spanish-American War. The book includes the letters between Henry Wise Hobson of Virginia and Colorado and his wife, Katherine Thayer Hobson of Troy and Colorado Springs, and then the letters written after Henry Hobson’s death in 1898 as a young widow raised her family.

 Paperback. Suggested Retail:  $35.00

A review in the National Genealogical Society Quarterly in June 2009 began: “This book is a treasure.”

With A Great Deal of Love to You All — The Family Letters
By Alice May Horton

These are Alice’s letters to her family written on two trips to Europe in 1903 and 1908-1909. On those trips she visited cousins in Scotland and her sister, then living in the Middle East.

The Fight for Liberty — Les Combats pour la Liberté — The Family Letters — World War II
By Gilbert H. Mudge & Eleanor M. Mudge with Claude Haize

These are the letters and other writings between Gilbert and Eleanor Mudge before, during, and after World War II and then the story of re-connecting with the Haize family in Normandy where Bert’s squadron built its airstrip and subsequent trips back to Normandy.

The Old Man's Reader: History & Legends of Franconia Notch -  2nd Edition
edited and with an Introduction by John T. B. Mudge

From the Introduction to the Second Edition of THE OLD MAN’S READER: 

“On the morning of May 3rd, 2003, two employees of the Franconia Notch State Park were conducting a routine inspection of the park.  Everything was normal until they glanced up to the Cannon Cliffs above Profile Lake where, high above the Franconia Notch gateway to northern New Hampshire, the Old Man of the Mountain had for centuries made his home.  On this morning the face was gone. 

In the middle of the night, under a shroud of fog and rain, the granite ledges that had formed this infamous profile had collapsed and were now no more than part of the talus slope at the base of Cannon Cliff.  The Old Man had been created by nature, and it was nature that took him.”


THE OLD MAN’S READER is a fascinating collection of writings inspired by the Old Man of the Mountain who for many centuries overlooked Franconia Notch in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  This expanded edition contains many popular pieces that may be read and enjoyed by all who visit and live in the White Mountains.

The authors include:  A president, three governors, a congressman, and many others.

The contents:  Historical guidebooks, a play, Indian legends, poetry, Edward Roth’s Christus Judex, Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Great Stone Face, and much more.

Edited and with an introduction by John T. B. Mudge, the author of The White Mountains:  Names, Places & Legends, a popular regional history and guide.

“This is the ultimate profile of New Hampshire’s most famous profile, the Old Man of the Mountain”
—Northern New Hampshire Magazine

Hardcover. Suggested retail: $18.00

When Women and Mountains Meet - Adventures in the White Mountains  

When Women and Mountains Meet - Adventures in the White Mountains presents the stories of some remarkable women who shaped the rich history of the White Mountains, including:

  • The Austin sisters, the first women to climb Mount Washington
  • Lucia and Marian Pychowska, intrepid explorers who made first ascents in the White Mountains when the region was an untracked wilderness
  • Suzie M. Barstow, the first woman peak-bagger
  • Emilie Klug, an endearing character who spent her vacations wandering alone on the Presidential Range
  • Miriam Underhill, a White Mountain rock climber who became the world's foremost woman mountaineer
  • Laura Waterman, Natalie Davis, and Debbie O'Neill, the first women to complete a winter traverse of the Presidential Range.

Here you will meet pioneers, explorers, climbers, writers, artists, scientists, and conservationists---all women of courage who had an abiding love for the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

Julie Boardman is a professional writer whose work has appeared in Appalachia, the Sierra Club Magazine, Connecticut Magazine, Connecticut Audubon, and many other publications. Since moving to New Hampshire in 1990, she has hiked extensively throughout New England and climbed the New England 4,000 footers.

ISBN 0-9708324-1-9 Paperback Suggested retail: $16.00

Tales of the White Mountains by Nathaniel Hawthorne 

Publication date: June 2001

Nathaniel Hawthorne, one of America's greatest writers, wrote four short stories about New Hampshire's White Mountains that are an important part of the literary history of that region -- The Ambitions Guest, Sketches from Memory, The Great Carbuncle and The Great Stone Face.

Hawthorne, a student of New England history, incorporated into his writings a mythical America that portrayed a certain history, spirit, and romance of this young country -- a spirit and romance that the reader will find in Tales of the White Mountains. 

Chronicled in the Historical Epilogue is the 1826 Willey Disaster -- the source of not only Hawthorne's The Ambitious Guest but also other historical, literary, and artistic contributions to the history and culture of the White Mountains.

ISBN 0-9708324-0-0 Hardcover Suggested retail: $15.95
History of the White Mountains 
by Lucy Crawford

First published in 1846, Lucy Crawford's History of the White Mountains is perhaps the most important book ever published about the White Mountains of New Hampshire. This is the genuine story of pioneers, of exploration, of growth and development, and of a family that made enormous contributions to the lonesome life in the mountains that surrounded their farm. In Lucy Crawford's own words, this is the story of the hardships and challenges that the Crawford family endured and of the simple rewards that they enjoyed as they explored and opened this wilderness for others to also enjoy. This new 1999 edition has an introduction by John T. B. Mudge.

ISBN 978-0-9708324-2-9 Hardcover Suggested retail: $15.95

The Pilgrim Soul 
by Anne Miller Downes

The Pilgrim Soul tells the legend of Dolly Copp of the White Mountains of New Hampshire. As a young bride she moved with her husband Hayes to their homestead in the virgin forests of 19th century New Hampshire. Together, they built a farm, raised a family, and warmly opened their home to the many travelers who passed by their door.

Anne Miller Downes has carefully written the story of Dolly Copp, the wife of Hayes Copp, an independent and pioneering farmer, the mother of three strong sons and one beautiful daughter, the farmwife who welcomed all who came to her door seeking help or lodging. It may be over a century since this pioneering woman moved from her homestead of fifty years but her welcome is ever-present at the Dolly Copp Campground in the White
Mountain National Forest.
  • Anne Miller Downes has re-created in novel form the New England historical legend of Hayes and Dolly Copp--Saturday Review

ISBN 1-9633560-9-7 Paperback Suggested retail: $15.00

The White Mountains: Names, Places & Legends 
by John T. B. Mudge

This 224 page book identifies more than 200 places in the White Mountains- streams, mountains, trails and many other locations, and traces the history of the region from colonial days to present times. The book also includes reproductions of important photographs of the region.

The author is a veteran hiker and long time visitor to the White Mountains who spends as much time as possible up there hiking the mountains that he loves.
  • "And visitors to New Hampshire's mountains can settle arguments by consulting The White Mountains, Names, Places and Legends."--Yankee Magazine.
  • "Again, congratulations, and thank you. I am sure your efforts (writing and publishing 'The White Mountains') were a labor of love that will be appreciated by many."--letter from South Natick, Mass.
  • "The beauty of the book is that one can opt to read it alphabetically or simply open it anywhere"--Northern New Hampshire Magazine
  • A little encyclopedia of everything you'd ever want to know about this well-loved mountain range.--Summit Magazine

Congratulations on your magnificent achievement in condensing so much wonderful historical information into "The White Mountains, Names, Places and Legends." I have learned a great deal from it, and it is a valuable addition to my collection of White Mountains books and maps.--letter from Boston attorney

ISBN 0-9633560-6-2 Paperback Suggested retail: $13.95

Mapping the White Mountains 
by John T. B. Mudge

A history of the cartography of the white Mountains of New Hampshire with reproductions of maps from the 16th to the 20th century. One side of this piece is a reproduction of Franklin Leavitt's map of the White Mountains of 1871. The other side details the history of the mapping of the rugged White Mountains from when they were first put on a map in 1561 to the present day. There are many illustrations of early maps of the region.

ISBN 0-9633560-1-1 Fold-out Suggested retail: $8.75
Other Durand Press Titles

The Last Will and Testament of an Extremely Distinguished Dog
by Eugene O’Neil
Illustrated with paintings by John Martin Tracy

Eugene O'Neill, winner of four Pulitzer Prizes and of the Nobel Prize for literature wrote this piece as a comfort to his wife in 1940 when the family dog died. This sentimental epitaph to his dog is unique among O'Neill's writing. This new edition is illustrated with the paintings of John Martin Tracy, one of the most important and influential dog artists of the 19th century. The Last Will and Testament of an Extremely Distinguished Dog is a literary and artistic masterpiece for all dog fanciers and will be of special comfort to those who are grieving through the loss of a beloved family pet.

This edition includes brief biographical sketches of both O'Neill and Tracy which describes how the author and the artist related to the dogs that they lived with, wrote about and painted.

  • "O'Neill was generally regarded as the foremost American playwright"--The New York Times
  • "J. M Tracy was a painter to delight the heart of all sporting men, and those who have an innate love of dogs."--The New York Times

ISBN 0-9633560-8-9 Hardcover Suggested retail: $18.00

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